Summertime's Fallin'

Hey folks! It's been a minute, so I wanted to catch you all up on some new stuff happening around here. I've been working the past few months together with several musician/artist friends here in Wheeling, WV to start a music collective called The Bridge+Tunnel Collective. There aren't many venues around her that cater to local original music, so we've collected a bunch of bands and artists to work together to find places to play, help promote shows, and just generally do whatever needs done to build a scene. We're really excited about this thing, so we'd love it if you'd click that link up there and check us out. If you're in the Wheeling area, follow us on Facebook so you can come hang with us sometime.

With fall here now, shows are popping up all over the place. I've got two in October you should check out. I'll be opening for Mr. Fancy Pants and Ezra John at River City in Wheeling on October 7th. The week after that, I'll be back in Barnesville on October 14th opening for The High Divers. I'm really looking forward to both of these, and I'll have more to share soon as there may be a few other good ones in the works.

I'm also working hard towards putting out an EP. I really am hoping to have something finished before Christmas. I'd love to be able to let you know when that's coming out, and I'm planning on some freebies for my email list readers, so sign up! Thanks for checking in, I hope to see you soon.


Good things,


Joshua Lee