Stop, Collaborate and Listen

I can't wait for tonight. Tonight in Wheeling, I'll be onstage with a full band for the first time ever. It can be strange and sometimes frustrating to play songs alone, while hearing them so differently in your head. On the other hand, it's anxiety-inducing putting your own songs partially in other people's hands, especially when you haven't worked together before. That being said, great things can happen when you take chances and put that kind of pressure on yourself. Great things can happen when you collaborate. There are so many brilliant and creative people that can take your music/art/business/whateveritisyoudo to places you've never imagined. 

I've heard people compare bands to marriages, and at times that can be pretty accurate. Some people feel like it's too risky to commit to a partner. They like their freedom. Marriage is difficult. Trust me, I get it. You inherently give up a part of yourself to allow space for the other. But what you get in return is a window to a piece of the universe you've never seen, not to mention the opportunity to be that window to someone else. AND THEN, if the marriage or collaboration really works, you can find that suddenly you've created an entirely new piece of the universe, and your partnership becomes a new set of windows looking in. 

If you're staring at a new opportunity to work together with someone and you're nervous, I get it. But the potential rewards are too big. Get out there. Work with someone, share your ideas, take the criticism, shake it off and create something new together. 

If you're in the Wheeling area tonight, stop by River City at 9pm to see Joshua Lee and the As Yet Unnamed Band open for Mr. Fancy Pants and Ezra John ($5). 



Joshua Lee