Hesitantly Hopeful

Hesitantly Hopeful indie folk rock from Marietta, OH

Self Portrait, 2017



          After 14 years of fifteen-passenger vans, tour buses, and side man gigs, Joshua Lee left Nashville with his young family and headed to West Virginia, trading screaming fans for screaming kids. After a difficult transition, Lee nearly left the music life behind entirely, but he began to write again and in doing so found his own musical voice. In his old life, Lee might have sought collaborators to start a band, but having difficulty finding enough like-minded musicians, he focused instead on discovering himself as a solo artist, something he’d never tried before. Playing solo shows in the Ohio Valley area led to a new confidence in his ability as a singer-songwriter and to a new group of musical collaborators. Now, with the help of the collective of independent local artists he helped found (www.batcollective.org), he is sharing his experience, and working to grow a thriving original music scene in small town America.

          On his debut EP, Promise Land (June 2017), Joshua wrestles with questions of loss and cautiously reaches for hope rather than despair. Recorded mostly at home, and self-produced along with Trae Gunter (Guitars, Randy Montana, Jacob Thomas Jr.), he finds himself searching for his own sound by mining the territories of folk rock and heartland rock and blending in synths and ambient guitars. Hints of The National supplement more traditional song forms in the spirit of Ryan Adams and Tom Petty.


The Noises

Sean Decker
Guitar / Vocals

Richard Herndon
Guitar / Keyboards

Ryan Sears

Bobby Vdovjak